Christian Based

Moore Housing supports faith based living.



Moore Housing fosters a safe and congenial environment.



Moore Housing offers a fully furnished home with tenants sharing chores.



Moore Housing fosters a drug and alcohol free environment.


Moore Housing fosters a sense of community where tenants self – manage their behavior


Moore Housing supports Smart (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) goals for tenants.

Regardless of the reason of homelessness,

APPLY NOW or contact us at 1+ (253) 592 2473 or email Twylla.Moore@outlook.com for more information.


Asked Questions

  • Is the house for men and women?

    The house located at address 4831 S 12th St Tacoma WA 98405 is for women.

  • Do you accept children?

    No, but exceptions are given on a case-by-case basis.

  • Are there house rules?

    Yes, the house rules are around cleanliness, sobriety, self- management, and accountability.

  • How long is the lease?

    The lease is month to month.

  • Do you accept pets?


  • Is the $350 deposit refundable?


  • Is there a live- in house manager?

    No. The tenants are expected to self- manage. House meetings are held to discuss issues that come up.

  • How long can a tenant stay at the house?

    Length of stay is on a case- by- case basis depending on the goals of the tenant.

  • What form of payment is accepted for rent?

    Cash, mobile payments, money order, check (upon approval)

  • Is Wi-Fi/cable included in the room rental?

    No. The utilities (water, garbage, sewer, electricity) are included in the room rental.

  • Are visitors allowed?

    Yes. Visitors are allowed from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm and must sign in and out.

  • Is there a bus stop close by?

    Yes. The bus stop is in front of the house.

  • Is there a washer and dryer?

    Yes. Laundry facilities are available with discretionary use.

  • Is there parking?

    Yes. Parking is limited.

  • Is the house furnished?

    Yes. The room has a bed, linen, curtains, tv and dresser. The kitchen has microwave, dishes. silverware, glasses and pots and pans. Bath towel wash cloth and toiletries available upon request.

  • Can I personal belongings?

    Minimal. There is no storage in the house and the rooms are expected to be uncluttered. Belongings should fit in the closet and drawers.


About Moore Housing

Moore Housing is a shared home assisting adults facing homelessness to overcome barriers for leading an independent self-sufficient life that is sustainable.

We are a Christian based organization and believe incorporating spirituality into your life can further help you to achieve your goals. we understand that finding affordable rent can be challenging with the barriers faced. together we create attainable smart goals that are set up for achieving sustainable success.

All residents work together to help the home stay clean and peaceful. sharing in mutually beneficial chores requires accountability and further creates a sense of community within the household.

Yes, we have rules. that is part of being accountable, as well as helping to create a safe, congenial environment for all residents. our rules serve to help keep all in alignment with a common mission.

Located in thriving Tacoma, Washington we offer month-to-month lease agreements and both single and shared rooms to accommodate every budget.

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  • Twylla Moore

    Executive Director


We connect clients with rooms to rent in a shared Housing community.


Shared housing is one of the many ways to end the homelessness crisis we face today.


Our mission is to provide stable housing and resources for clients until they can be self-sufficient and live independently with confidence.

House Etiquette

House Etiquette

  • All tenants will have monthly house chores in the shared areas assigned to them in addition to daily cleaning (Please refer to chore calendar)
  • Do not litter anywhere – inside or outside of house
  • No smoking in the house (smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only)
  • No drinking or possessing alcoholic beverages on premise
  • No drugs including Marijuana on premise
  • No flammable liquids stored inside
  • No loud music at any time
  • No pets (including do not feed stray animals)
  • No sex on the grounds
  • No stealing
  • No fighting
  • No harassment
  • No streaking
  • No additional keys made


  • Wash and Dry clothes 1 time a week – If additional use is needed please use a laundromat


  • Keep your room clean and uncluttered
  • Keep room clear of boxes
  • Do not store food in the bedroom
  • Do not keep dirty dishes in the bedroom
  • Empty garbage regularly


  • Clean the bathroom after each use


  • Clean the kitchen after each use and put away clean dishes
  • Turn off all appliances when not in use
  • Turn off all lights when not in use even the stove light
  • Label food in the fridge and on shelves


  • Do not litter anywhere – inside or outside of house
  • Smoking area will be kept clean by smokers

Twylla Moore


253 592 2473


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Helping Hands Acknowledgement

To name a few… Trista White- Coordinator, John Moore- Laborer, Angela Handy-Volunteer, Greater Heights COGIC, Kelly Barrow-Volunteer, Shepherds Transformation Mansions, Sonfra Lizasuain-Security, Debbie Thomas- Clothing Donations, Renee Keel- Clothing Donations, Barbara Hayden- Instructor/Clothing Donations/Other, Bill Hayden – Clothing Donations, Debbie Kennedy – Blanket and Toiletries Donations, Vanessa Woods – Kitchen Appliance Donations, David Hayden- Laborer, Theresa Hollifield-Grimes- Clothing Donations, GH -Hospitality- Volunteer, William Hall- Cleaning Supplies Vendor, Clarice Hammond- Volunteer Instructor, Diane Green – Homeless Food Prep, Donna Royster - Décor Donations, Margaret Logan- Clothing Donations, Quiana Davis – Consultant, Roxie Pierce - Kitchen Donations, Priscilla Floyd- Clothing Donations/Furniture and Accessories